Catching the Vision

Michael Catt | 01/20/2019
Series: The Power of Positive Giving
Scripture: Psalms 96



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The Power of Positive Giving

The Power of Positive Giving 

When it comes to the subject of giving, too often we are subjective or defensive. We frequently bow up when someone asks for our money. But when the credit card company asks for double-digit interest each month and allows us to stretch out our personal debt for decades, we just keep spending the money we don’t have and increasing our financial bondage. God has a better plan. He has given us clear, positive illustrations of the power we have when we maintain a positive understanding of stewardship. If money wasn’t important to God, He wouldn’t have said so much about how we use it, what it represents, and the kingdom impact it can have. This three-part series will help you understand how God wants His children to think about tithes, offerings, and giving in general.

Title Media Date Speaker
Making the Himpossible a Reality
Matthew 28:18
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Catching the Vision
Psalms 96
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First Things First
2 Corinthians
Play Video | Play Audio 01/13/19 Michael Catt