Prelude to Revival

Michael Catt | 05/21/2014
Series: Prepare for Rain
Scripture: Micah 3:6-18



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Prepare for Rain

Title Media Date Speaker
Will We Ever See the Glory Again?
Play Audio 05/28/14 Michael Catt
Prelude to Revival
Micah 3:6-18
Play Audio 05/21/14 Michael Catt
What God Requires is More than a Surface Scrubbing
Play Audio 05/14/14 Michael Catt
God Saves Us from Pretending to Be Something Were Not
Play Audio 05/07/14 Michael Catt
God Takes Church Seriously, Do You?
Acts 5
Play Audio 04/30/14 Michael Catt
God's Plan for Your Problems
Proverbs 28:13
Play Audio 04/23/14 Michael Catt
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