When Rite is Wrong

Michael Catt | 03/10/2011
Series: The Book of Mark
Scripture: Mark 7:1-24



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The Book of Mark

Title Media Date Speaker
Turning Losers into Winners
Mark 16
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Eyewitness to the Cross
Mark 15
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Simple, Sinful Simon
Mark 14:22-72
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Broken and Spilled Out
Mark 14:1-11
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What is Success?
Mark 10:17
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Faith It or Fake It
Mark 11:12-14
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What Does Scripture Say About Divorce?
Mark 10
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Are You The Greatest?
Mark 9:30-50
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This Kind...
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You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
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Straight Talk
Mark 8:27-38
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I'm Tired of Telling You
Mark 8:1-21
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When Rite is Wrong
Mark 7:1-24
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The Cost of Vocational Ministry
Mark 6:7-13
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Could the Master Be Your Pastor
Mark 6:1-6
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Pressing Through to Jesus
Mark 5
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How's Your Heart
Mark 4
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A Call and a Confrontation
Mark 3
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United Nit-Pickers of Galilee
Mark 2
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When Jesus Heals
Mark 1
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The Dove, the Vulture and The Lamb
Mark 1:9-28
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The Headline News Gospel
Mark 1:1-8
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