Sermon Notes 2017 07 16 PM

July 16, 2017 PM
Dr. Michael Catt - 1796
#2 in series

Is the Bible True?
1 Timothy 3:15, 16; 2 Timothy 3:14-17

“The death of truth in our society has created a moral decay in which every debate ends with a barroom question, ‘Says who?’” – Francis J. Beckwith & Gregory Kouki, Relativism: Feet Firmly Planted in Mid-Air



Based on 2 Timothy chapter 3, what do we learn about the Bible?

1) It tells us we need __.

2) It tells us we are __.

3) It tells us we can’t __.

4) It tells us Christ __.

5) It tells us if we __ and give our lives to Him, He will save us.

6) It gives us __.

7) It helps us __.

8) It is our __.

“The Word of God is more credible than a visitor from the dead.” – B. H. Carroll

"God’s Word is its own best argument. The Word of God is either absolute or obsolete.” – Vance Havner

What is significant about the Scriptures?

"The Word of the Lord is a light to guide you, a counselor to counsel you, a comforter to comfort you, a staff to support you, a sword to defend you, and a physician to cure you. The Word is a mine to enrich you, a robe to clothe you, and a crown to crown you.” – Thomas Brooks

Why would God give us a book we couldn’t trust?

• Profitable for teaching/doctrine: __

• Profitable for reproof: __

• Profitable for correction: __

• Profitable for training in righteousness: __

“While our kids are learning the miracles of the Bible – Noah and the flood; Daniel and the lion’s den; Jesus walking on water, changing water into wine, healing the sick, rising from the dead…many are also hearing that Santa Claus, the Easter bunny, and the tooth fairy are all real. The stories seem like harmless fun that amuse our kids and are downright endearing. For children, though, it’s difficult to tell the difference between the reality of Bible stories and the fantasy of the fairy tales. As children mature…we must be careful to make sure our children learn the stories of the Bible are true, and that they actually happened. Help them to see that fairy tales are wonderful, fun stories, but Jesus is real.” – Alex McFarland

Six Bible Truths We Should Teach Our Preschoolers:

In the next message, we’ll go further into the reliability of the Bible. We will also look at “5 Truths Every Child Needs to Know” and hopefully have time to cover the top ten reasons to teach your children biblical truth every day.