Sermon Notes 2018 08 05 AM

August 05, 2018 AM
Dr. Michael Catt - 1857
#2 in series

Joy: The Elusive Fruit
Galatians 5:22


Last week, we kicked off this series about the fruit of the Spirit with some basics. We talked about the realities of the Christian life and the role of the Holy Spirit in living the life of Christ through us. We also defined the Greek words for “love” and examined what it looks like to love God and love our neighbor.

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“Joy as Spirit-induced fruit is an instructive and thought-provoking analogy. It takes  me, diligence, patience and hard work to make an apple tree productive. Fruit is not instantaneous! It is a victory over weather, bugs, weeds, poor soil, and neglect. If the Spirit’s indwelling presence guaranteed the presence of joy, every believer would be rejoicing all the time. We’re not. Joy as a way of living is a hard-won victory over entrenched attitudes of apathy, pessimism, doubt, unbelief, and despair.” - Joseph C. Aldrich


“Joy is like a well containing sweet water. It’s not enough to know the water is there, it’s not enough to even dig a well down to the water. The usefulness of the water is when it comes up and it’s used in somebody’s life.” - Charles Lowery


The Bible uses a number of words to express joy.


- Sinchah (1 Samuel 18:6): means bright and shining, a glad and joyful disposition

- Masos (Acts 3): means to leap or jump, the man healed at the temple jumped with joy

- Rinnah (ranan, Psalm 126:6): conveys the idea of exuberant expressions with a particular reference to shouting over God’s saving work

- Gil (Psalm 13:5): the root means to move around in a circle, joy as God’s ongoing works or attributes, joy can’t stand still


- Agalliao: loud, public expressions of joy in worship with focused attention on God’s work in the believer

- Euphraino: emphasizes the community of joy, an atmosphere created when God’s people gather to celebrate and feast, sharing and growing together brings joy

- Charis: the word for grace also means delightful, chara is the primary word used for joy in the New Testament

The Church is to:

Be a __ in a world of sorrow

__ with joy

__ with joy

Joyfully __


“I am convinced as true religion or holiness cannot be without cheerfulness, so steady cheerfulness, on the other hand, cannot be without holiness or true religion. And I am equally convinced that true religion has nothing sour, austere, unsociable, unfriendly in it, but, on the contrary, implies the most winning sweetness, the most amiable softness and gentleness.” - John Wesley

God promises joy, in the midst of difficulties. We all face problems on one level or another. Life is tough. Sometimes it’s not fair, but God is always good.