Sermon Notes 2018 09 09 PM

September 09, 2018 PM
Dr. Michael Catt - 1865
#16 in series

Toughen Up Buttercup
John 15:18-16:4


In the last message, we examined the differences between a religious person and a true believer, between a professor and a possessor. If we are abiding, we are giving evidence of Christ, more of Christ, and much of Christ. We examined the “one anothers” of Scripture and how we are to live in relation with other believers as a lifestyle, not a to-do list. Our obedience in this is an act of our will overflowing from a heart of love. The more we know about Jesus, the more we love Him. The more we love Him, the more we obey Him. The more we obey Him, the more fruit is evident.

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How do we live, pray, and serve in the right way?

1) For the glory of God (14:13)

2) In the name of Jesus (14:13)

3) In a right relationship with others as much as possible (15:12)

4) Obey the clear teachings of Scripture (15:10, 13, 14)

5) Boldly approach the throne of grace (15:15)

“He shares with us the details of His redemptive plan for the world, and He calls us to stand beside Him in accomplishing it.” – Chuck Swindoll


“Residents of the United States of America no longer live in a Christian nation. I dare say we do not live even in a post-Christian nation. I am now convinced, more than ever, that we live in an anti-Christian nation...when political correctness forbids humor at the expense of anyone except Christians, and popular culture finds blasphemy entertaining, a flood of persecution will soon follow.” - Chuck Swindoll

During this last evening with His disciples, He’s been talking to them about:

“Apart from God, no matter how humanitarian or philanthropic some teaching or some organization may seem to be, its origin is the hearts and minds of sinful people who only want to promote those things unregenerate mankind desires to enjoy and achieve for itself, and not for God’s glory.” – Katherine Caldwell


Our witness in persecution is a two-sided coin: