Sermon Notes 2018 12 02 PM

December 02, 2018 PM
Paul Gotthardt

Lessons in the Storm
John 6:16-21

Scene 1: Jesus sends the disciples out on a mission and they report back when they return. (Mk 6:7-32; Lk 9:1-10)

Scene 2: Jesus feeds 5,000 men with a child’s lunch. (Mt 14:13-21; Mk 6:33-44; Lk 9:12-17; Jn 6:1-15)

Scene 3: Jesus walks on water and calms the storm. (Mt. 14:22-33; Mk 6:45-52; Jn 6:16-21)

Scene 4: Jesus teaches on the Bread of Life. (Jn 6:22-71)

1) The disciples’ fears were calmed when they heard Jesus’ voice. John 6:16-21

2) The storms/pressures of life reveal our hearts.

3) Storms may be about __, spiritual __, or living in a fallen world.

4) Unless you’re __ by Jesus, __ in the boat!

Peter didn’t step out until Jesus said, “Come.” Peter __ and heard before He acted and __ out!

5) Storms expose our lack of __ and need for rest.

Without margin and rest, you’re entering the storm at a spiritual __.

6) Jesus can do more in an instant than our __-effort could ever accomplish.

Getting impatient and trying to do it alone will only lead to greater __ and deeper exhaustion.

7) The storms of life will test our __ and emphasize God-dependence.

When the disciples were sent out, what they lacked never determined what they did.

8) God reveals __ through the storms.

Had you not gone through what you went through, you wouldn’t know what you know about God.

9) Problems or peace, __ is the only appropriate response to Jesus.

Your circumstances can be mightily used by God for your __ and His glory!