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Our Vision

The Sherwood Student Ministry strives to partner with parents/guardians to develop fully devoted and equipped followers of Jesus Christ. Students are challenged to be biblically literate in a biblically illiterate world. Our desire is that students come to know, seek and obey Christ in daily surrender to His Lordship and become passionate about loving God and loving others.

Use Your Gifts

We want to help you use your gifts by serving others here at church. There are so many ways for you to get involved, but instead of telling you how to volunteer, we want you to be a little creative. Our goal is to help you find a way to serve others that lines up with the things you love and are already good at doing. Click the button below to find out how you can get started!

Use Your Gifts

Summer Events

This summer we have lots of events and fun activities for middle and high school students. Visit our summer events page to see our schedule, register for trips, and find out when and where specific events are happening. It’s going to be an awesome summer, so don’t miss out on any of our upcoming events! 

Summer Events

5th Grade Handoff & Pool Party | July 20

Each year our Sherwood Children's Ministry and Middle School Ministry host a joint event called the Fifth Grade Handoff. At the handoff your family will have the opportunity to swim, eat and hear from the student ministry staff about our middle school ministry, and how we desire to partner with you as you seek to disciple and lead your student.

Pool Party and 5th Grade Handoff

SLU 101 & 102

Student Leadership University seeks to prepare the next generation to Think, Dream, and Lead through a challenging series of leadership training processes that equip them to have a Renaissance Mind, The Heart of a Patriot, The Soul of a Saint, The Discipline of a Champion and the Influence of a Leader.

They accomplish this vision through leadership adventures that are marketed through significant relationships across multiple denominational lines, delivered with excellence, and lead to a sustainable, long-term relationship. Click below for more information.


2019 Uganda Mission Trip | December 27 - January 5

Sherwood Baptist Church and Sherwood Christian Academy are partnering with With Open Eyes, a Christian missions organization that trains and equips pastors in Africa to plant churches and share the Gospel. On this trip, students will be working with leaders from With Open Eyes to minister to pastors and their congregations, and also working with families living in refugee camps. Click the link below for more information.

Uganda Mission Trip

Update me

Life is busy, but we want to make it easy to keep up with what's going on in our student ministry. Here are several ways you can stay informed with what's happening!

Elevate News
Each month we send out several informational emails about upcoming events, links to registration pages and much more. Click the link below to subscribe to our Elevate News email.

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Text Message Updates
Inbox flooded and afraid you will miss something? Sign up for text message reminders. We send these out only for major events and general reminders. Our Elevate News email is the best way to stay informed and get the details. Click the link below to sign up for text message reminders!

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Social Media
Another great way to stay informed on what's happening is through our social media pages. Our primary method of communication is through Instagram, but we also have a Facebook page and Twitter account that we update regularly. Be sure to follow us on each of these platforms!

Instagram: @SherwoodStudents
Twitter: @SherwoodTeens


Elevate Student Ministries Services // Wednesday Nights in Hope 204

Elevate is our Wednesday night worship service for middle and high school students. Each week students get the opportunity to engage with God in worship, led by one of our student worship teams, and be challenged to hear from God's Word. Summer worship service for middle school and high school begins at 6:30 pm in the student worship area. 

Before the service, students have an opportunity to grab a coffee, soda, pizza or hotdog from the Elevate Café which opens at 5:30 pm on Wednesday. We also open up our outdoor basketball area at 5:30 pm as well. Elevate is a great place to come on a Wednesday night. Hope to see you soon!

STUDENT Bible study

Parents and students can choose which Bible study hour they will attend. Students’ Bible study options are at 9:30 am and 11 am. These will be age-, grade- and gender-specific classes. 
Hope 109 - 6th grade boys
Hope 108 - 6th grade girls
Hope 107 - 7th grade boys (11 am)
Hope 104 - 7th grade boys (9:30 am)
Hope 105 - 7th grade girls (11 am)
Hope 103 - 7th grade girls (9:30 am)
Hope 104 - 8th grade boys
Hope 103 - 8th grade girls
Hope 202 - 9th grade boys (9:30 am)
Hope 106 - 9th grade boys (11 am)
Hope 102 - 9th grade girls (11 am)
Hope 206 - 9th grade girls (9:30 am)
Hope 202 - 10th grade boys
Hope 206 - 10th grade girls
Hope 210 - 11th grade boys
Hope 207 - 11th grade girls
Hope 201 - 12th grade boys
Hope 201 - 12th grade girls

Hope 1st Floor



Hope 2nd Floor

Contact Info

For more information about Student Ministry, please contact the Student Office at 229.883.1910.


Student Ministry Team

Garrett Grubbs | Pastor of College & Students |
Tim Johnson | Middle School & Student Worship Associate Pastor |  

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