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Sunday School

Sunday School begins at 11:00am and is on the second floor of the Joy building. 

Teachers and Rooms

1st Grade A - Joy 201
     Maxine Jordan, Keith and Ann Hobbs, Joyce Bridges
 1st Grade B - 
Joy 203
     Danny and Vicky Smith
     Deborah Frazier
     Marsha Taylor
2nd Grade -
Joy 205

     Craig and Deena Taylor

2nd Grade - 
Joy 204 
     Rodney and Joye Hunnewell

3rd Grade - 
Joy 207
     Tommie Taylor
     Shelia Tucker
     Russell Cates

4th Grade A - 
Joy 210
Katrina Chambless and Carol Royal


4th Grade B - Joy 206

Wendy McLeod and Jay Clark
5th Grade - 
Joy  208
    Pam Kerrey, Gail Terry, and Irvin Dorminy