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Don't Stop MovingSimon Kariuki
ReFRESH® Alaska - SEEK - 2017 (Series)Tom Elliff, Ken Jenkins, Michael Catt
We are Family (Series)Stephen Dervan
Seven Life Changing Statemnets (Good Friday)Michael Catt
Ephesians: The Battle (Series)Michael Catt

ReFRESH® Northeast 2017 - Seek (Series)Daniel Simmons, Stephen Kendrick, Tom Elliff, Ken Jenkins, Michael Catt
The Jesus Generation: Then and Now (Series)Michael Catt
Hosea - Redeeming Love (Series)Stephen Dervan
ReFRESH® West - SEEK - 2017 (Series)Tom Elliff, Ken Jenkins, Vance Pitman, Daniel Simmons and Michael Catt
Warriors Wanted (Series)Michael Catt

Ephesians: Godly Relationships (Series)Michael Catt
When You Need Help and HopeMichael Catt
Refinance (Series)Michael Catt, Stephen Dervan
The Gift of Christmas (Series)Michael Catt
PrayerVance Pitman

When God MovesVance Pitman
Psalm 91Stephen Dervan
A Life of Thanks LivingDr. Charles Lowery
Hope is Rising (Series)Michael Catt, Stephen Dervan
Ephesians: Monday Morning Christianity (Series)Michael Catt, Stephen Dervan

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