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The Week That Changed the World (Series)Paul Gotthardt
Forward: Taking Your Next StepPaul Gotthardt
The Peace You NeedPaul Gotthardt
What Does The Bible Say About Angels and Demons?Paul Gotthardt
Remembering to Be GratefulPaul Gotthardt
This is Gospel Living: Connecting The Gospel to Everyday LifePaul Gotthardt
I Surrender AllPaul Gotthardt
How Do I Run to God for Refuge?Paul Gotthardt
It's Only God: Living In The Activity Of God (Series)Paul Gotthardt
Equipped - 2023 (Series)Paul Gotthardt
What Happened to the Miracles?Paul Gotthardt
Wait: Learning the Value of Patience (Series)Paul Gotthardt
Easter at Sherwood 2023Paul Gotthardt
Good Friday 2023Paul Gotthardt
A Night of Answering Questions (Series)Paul Gotthardt
Share His Story (Series)Paul Gotthardt
A Night of Worldview (Series)Paul Gotthardt
Since God is With MePaul Gotthardt
BeholdPaul Gotthardt
In Christ: The Life You Want, The Connection You Need (Series)Paul Gotthardt

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