Complete in Christ

By Bob George

$13.99 Complete in christ

Category: Book of the Month, Paperback

Why do so many people experience disappointment and failure in their lives? Why do so many men and women struggle with a sense of low self-esteem? Could it be they're unsure of how to obtain true fulfillment in life?

God never meant to offer us a self-improvement course. Instead, He offers us an entirely new identity. Not only will He forgive your sins, but He will give you a new life in exchange for the life you have been trying to live in your own strength.

Complete in Christ is an excellent tool that clearly, and deeply grounds, believers in the basics of the faith, including:

  • the deity of Christ
  • the authority of the Bible
  • Christ's finished work on the cross
  • the indwelling of the Holy Spirit
  • abiding in Christ
  • the fruit of the Spirit.

Complete in Christ sets a solid foundation for growth and learning in the Christian life.

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