John the Baptist

By F.B. Meyer

$7.99 John the Baptist

Category: Paperback, F.B. Meyer

The life and character of John the Baptist are full of great fascination. The author says he knows of nothing that makes so pleasant a respite from the pressure of life's fret and strain as bathing mind and spirit in the translucent waters of Scripture biography. As the clasp between the Old Testament and the New--the close of one and the beginning of the other; as among the greatest of those born of women; as the porter who oopened the door to the True Shepherd; as the fearless rebuker of royal and shameless sin--the Baptist must ever compel the homage and admiration of mankind. In many respects, such a life cannot be repeated. But the spirit of humility and courage, of devotion to God and uncompromising loyalty to truth, which was so conspicuous in him, may animate us. We, also, may be filled with the spirit and power of Elijah, as he was; and may point, with lip and life, to the Savior of the world, crying, "Behold the Lamb of God."

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