Living Out Of The Overflow

By Richard Blackaby

$9.56 Overflow

Category: Book of the Month

This book is written for the many Christians who have experienced "dry" periods in their life. Many Christian souls have become barren and parched due to life's trials and burdens. The irony is that Christians have living water available within them!

In the pages of Overflow, Richard Blackaby shares a treasure trove of biblical truths that can help you experience living water each day as you abide in Christ and as you serve Him.

You are invited to walk along side moses and Elijah and see how they ultimately learned to live and leadout of the overflow of their personal walk with God.

As you read these pages, may you find refreshing, nourishment, and be empowered to undertake God's assignment for you. God doesn't just want you to survive. He wants you to live and minister out of the overflow of His abundance.

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