Love Dare Leader Kit - Updated

By Michael Catt, Alex Kenfrick, and Stephen Kendrick

$19.99 Love Dare Leader Kit

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Could God use a movie to radically strengthen all the marriages in your church? Do those heading toward divorce need a lifeline? Couples are in crisis inside and outside the church. Now is the time for Body of Christ to rise up and communicate God's amazing design for marriage by combining cutting-edge media tools with timeless truths from the Word of God. The Love Dare group experience provides a powerful marriage enrichment opportunity unlike any other. These 8 group sessions include thought-provoking questions and engaging clips from the Fireproof movie. With robust Scripture studies and light-hearted icebreakers, you'll find a unique experience with easy conversation.

Each session includes these 5 components:

  • Ignite: Includes light-hearted engaging questions designed to warm up the group and prepare them for meaningful discussion throughout the session.
  • Love Dare Review: Review the insights and benefits gained as an individual or couple who participated in The Love Dare during the previous week.
  • Gear Up: Discover biblical truths through watching a Fireproof movie clip;allow the Holy Spirit to guide open and engaging discussion to gain the tools necessary for godly marriages.
  • Firefighting: Emphasis on leading group members to integrate the truths they've discovered into their lives and to transform their marriage.
  • Fireproof Now: More application, prayer, and opportunities for participants to make commitments to God and to their spouse as they work to fireproof their marriage.

Topics Include:

  • Session 1: Leading Your Heart
  • Session 2: The Power of Influence
  • Session 3: Honoring and Cherishing Your Spouse
  • Session 4: Living with Understanding
  • Session 5: Unconditional Love
  • Session 6: Walking in Forgiveness
  • Session 7: Building Your Marriage on Prayer and God's Word
  • Session 8: Establishing a Covenant Marriage


  • 8 group sessions for small groups or couples to discuss and work through together
  • Leader material (guides to icebreakers, questions, discussion with small group)
  • Free downloadable PDFs and other tools available on
  • 5 components to each session
  • Helpful sidebars provided in the study with recommended readings from The Love Dare, additional scriptural support, listening tips, further reading, and more.

Sherwood Pictures

The purpose of Sherwood Pictures is to spread the gospel and the truth of God's Word to the world using movies that give audiences a picture of the cost and results of following Christ. Through drama, humor, and inspiration, we seek to tell stories that draw people of all ages to a closer walk with God.

Sherwood Pictures has produced four films: Flywheel, Facing the Giants, Fireproof, and Courageous. They have been some of the most successful faith-based movies in history. In a partnership with Sony Pictures and Provident Films, the films have been distributed globally and are available in multiple languages. The two most recent, Fireproof and Courageous, opened in the top five in U.S. theaters. The unique partnership of a church-based film company with major studios like Provident Films and Sony Pictures will continue to impact people around the world. Sherwood Pictures has used entertainment to change lives.

Sherwood Pictures pioneered a unique model, even for Christian filmmakers. The four movies, shot and produced in Albany, have been seen worldwide. The mostly volunteer cast and crew have been one of the great story lines of Sherwood Pictures.

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