Peter: Fisherman, Disciple, Apostle

By F.B. Meyer

$7.99 Peter

Category: Paperback, F.B. Meyer

Peter comes nearer to us than any of his brother apostles. We revere James, the brother of our Lord, for his austere saintliness. We strain our eyes in the effort to follow John to the serene heights whither his eagle-wing bore him. But Peter is so human, so like ourselves in his downsittings and uprisings, so compassed with infirmity, that we are encouraged to hope that perhaps the Great Potter may be able to make something even of our common clay. It need the Savior's insight to discover an apostle in Simon Bar-Jona, the fisherman. And it took the Savior's patient culture to elicit the dormant qualities of his character which speak in every paragraph of his epistles and fitted him to be the leader of the primitive Church. But if the Master could do so much for him, what may He not effect for you and me?

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