Prayer With No Intermission

By Bill Elliff

$11.99 Prayer With No Intermission

Category: Paperback, Pastor's Recommended Book

God desires and has designed a way for us to commune with Him continually in prayer. To pray without ceasing. Prayer With No Intermission is a 40 day journey in prayer. Bill Elliff walks through multiple Biblical passages to help us understand the need to pray without ceasing and how to pray with no intermission. This book is designed to not only be inspiring and educational, but experiential.

If you learn to pray without ceasing, you will find the sweetest, most intimate communion that a human can experience. You will be surprised at its refreshment and joy. Amazed at its consistency. Stunned that it is so personal. Awed by how perfectly God knows exactly what you need to hear, every second of the day. Empowered by God's answers. And, you will wonder why you have waited so long to Pray With No Intermission.

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