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When God MovesVance Pitman
Our Jerusalem (Series)Stephen Dervan
ReFRESH® in the Smokies - Awake My Soul - 2015 (Series)Michael Catt, Vance Pitman, Tally Wilgis, Ken Jenkins, Daniel Simmons
40 Days Of PurposeMichael Catt
ReFRESH® in Albany - NOW - 2014 (Series)Tom Elliff, Mark Bearden, Bill Elliff, Ken Jenkins, Daniel Simmons, Michael Catt
The Dynamic Difference (Series)Michael Catt
ReFRESH® in Albany - SOAR - 2013 (Series)Tom Elliff, Ken Jenkins, Daniel Simmons, Mark Bearden, Tally Wilgis, Michael Catt
CHURCH: How Do We Know Which One? (Series)Michael Catt
ReFRESH® in the Ozarks - Purity & Power - 2013 (Series)Bill Elliff, Ronnie Floyd, Ken Jenkins, Daniel Simmonsrk Bearden, Michael Catt
City on a Hill (Series)Michael Catt
Worldchangers (Series)Michael Catt
Reign Down (Series)Michael Catt
ReFRESH® in Albany - The Power of the Spirit - 2011 (Series)Ed Litton, Ken Jenkins, Mark Bearden, Daniel Simmons, Michael Catt
Courageous Living (Series)Michael Catt
Living The Christ Filled Life (Series)Michael Catt
GENERATIONS: Fulfilling The Vision (Series)Michael Catt
Breakthroughs Birthed In Prayer (Series)Michael Catt
ReFRESH® in Albany - Rend the Heavens & Come Down - 2007 (Series)Michael Catt, Tom Elliff, Bill Stafford, Ken Jenkins, Alan Stewart, Daniel Simmons
Refresh® in Albany - Prepare for Rain - 2006 (Series)Bill Stafford, Michael Catt, Ken Jenkins, Daniel Simmons, Tom Elliff,

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