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God & Kings (Series)Michael Catt
View from the Pit (Series)Ron Dunn
ReFRESH® in Albany - Awake My Soul - 2015 (Series)Tom Elliff, Bill Elliff, Mark Bearden, Daniel Simmons, Ken Jenkins, Tally Wilgis
ReFRESH® in the Smokies - SOAR - 2014 (Series)Daniel Simmons, Tom Elliff, Ken Jenkins, Michael Catt
SOAR (Series)Michael Catt
The Keys to Revival in America (Series)Michael Catt, Buck Burch, Gary Miller, Stephen Kendrick
ReFRESH® in Albany - The Power of the Spirit - 2011 (Series)Ed Litton, Ken Jenkins, Mark Bearden, Daniel Simmons, Michael Catt
GENERATIONS: Fulfilling The Vision (Series)Michael Catt
I'm Yours LordStephen Kendrick

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