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GenesisRon Dunn
To Tell The Truth (Series)Ron Dunn
Greater Than (Series)Michael Catt
Chained to the Chariot (Series)Ron Dunn
The Walk of Faith (Series)Michael Catt
ReFRESH® in the Ozarks - Purity & Power - 2013 (Series)Bill Elliff, Ronnie Floyd, Ken Jenkins, Daniel Simmonsrk Bearden, Michael Catt
ReFRESH® in the Smokies - 2011 (Series)Daniel Simmons, Ken Jenkins, Ed Litton, Bill Stafford, Michael Catt
ReFRESH® in Albany - Cleanse our Hearts - 2010 (Series)Michael Catt, Tom Elliff, Bill Stafford, Ken Jenkins, Ed Litton, Daniel Simmons
Courageous Living (Series)Michael Catt
Biography (Series)Michael Catt
Breakthroughs Birthed In Prayer (Series)Michael Catt
Desperate Households (Series)Michael Catt, Charles Lowery
American Idols (Series)Michael Catt
Fall Like Rain (Series)Michael Catt

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