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Faith: Life's Master Key (Series)Ron Dunn
Unexpected (Series)Stephen Dervan
ReFRESH® in the Smokies - SOAR - 2014 (Series)Daniel Simmons, Tom Elliff, Ken Jenkins, Michael Catt
ReFRESH® in Albany - Purity & Power - 2012 (Series)Bill Elliff, Tom Elliff, Ken Jenkins, Daniel Simmons, Ed Litton, Michael Catt
ReFRESH® in Albany - The Power of the Spirit - 2011 (Series)Ed Litton, Ken Jenkins, Mark Bearden, Daniel Simmons, Michael Catt
Stories (Series)Michael Catt
ReFRESH® in the Smokies - 2011 (Series)Daniel Simmons, Ken Jenkins, Ed Litton, Bill Stafford, Michael Catt
Servant LeadershipStephen Kendrick
ReFRESH® in Albany - 2005 (Series)Michael Catt, Bill Stafford, Ken Jenkins, Alan Day, Kaye Dunn, Daniel Simmons
Up Close and Personal with Jesus (Series)Michael Catt
Focus (Series)Michael Catt
Questions That Demand Answers (Series)Michael Catt
Discipleship (Series)Michael Catt
Do You Have Anything Against AnotherMichael Catt
It Takes Faith to Move a MountainMichael Catt
Tell it Like it isMichael Catt

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