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To Tell The Truth (Series)Ron Dunn
Faith: Life's Master Key (Series)Ron Dunn
Lifestyle Of The SpiritRon Dunn
RomansRon Dunn
Strange Ministers (Series)Ron Dunn
Do You Know My Jesus? (Series)Michael Catt
God's Silent PreachersKen Jenkins
Chained to the Chariot (Series)Ron Dunn
40 Days Of PurposeMichael Catt
ReFRESH® in Albany - NOW - 2014 (Series)Tom Elliff, Mark Bearden, Bill Elliff, Ken Jenkins, Daniel Simmons, Michael Catt
The Dynamic Difference (Series)Michael Catt
ReFRESH® in the Smokies - SOAR - 2014 (Series)Daniel Simmons, Tom Elliff, Ken Jenkins, Michael Catt
Not AshamedStephen Kendrick
The Walk of Faith (Series)Michael Catt
City on a Hill (Series)Michael Catt
ReFRESH® in Albany - Purity & Power - 2012 (Series)Bill Elliff, Tom Elliff, Ken Jenkins, Daniel Simmons, Ed Litton, Michael Catt
ReFRESH® in the Smokies - 2011 (Series)Daniel Simmons, Ken Jenkins, Ed Litton, Bill Stafford, Michael Catt
Dress For Success (Series)Michael Catt
Refresh® in Albany - Prepare for Rain - 2006 (Series)Bill Stafford, Michael Catt, Ken Jenkins, Daniel Simmons, Tom Elliff,

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