The Land and Life of Rest

By W. Graham Scroggie

$5.99 Land and Life of Rest

Category: Paperback, Pastor's Recommended Book of the Month

This little book of Keswick Bible Readings is the best treatment of the Book of Joshua that we have found. The New Testament teaching of "life more abundant" is ably expounded from this Old Testament book by one who had evidently entered into an experiential knowledge of those things which he taught. Dr. Scroggie’s handling of the subject is, as always, clear and concise; and all the material is presented not merely as doctrine to be grasped with the intellect, but as a life to be lived. We feel that no minister’s bookshelves should be without a copy, and that no one can read it without receiving great benefit and insight.

This publication is a completely unabridged reprint of the 1950 edition published by Pickering and Inglis, with the addition of a sketch of the author’s life written by Mrs. Lillian Harvey.

The chapter titles are:

  • Contemplating the Land
  • Entering the Land
  • Conquering the Land
  • Possessing the Land
  • Interpreting the Land
  • The Author--His Life Story

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