The Living Bible Series and Booklet

By Michael Catt

$25.60 CD - Living Bible Series & Guide

CD - Living Bible Series & Guide: $25.60
DVD - Living Bible Series & Guide: $25.60

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Make the scripture come alive

Study Guide

The Living Word is tool for learning how to study the Bible. As you work throught the material, you will learn what the Bible is and why studying Scriptureis available to your Christian walk. You'll get "bite-sized" information regarding inspiration, imterpretation, Bible study methods, and much more. You go from a broad overview of the Word as a whole into a more detailed aspect of study, including how to study a book of the Bible, a chapter, and a topic.

"Your words were found and I ate them, and Your words became for me a joy and the delight of my heart..." (Jeremiah 15:16)

Sermon Series

Many people are scared of their Bibles. They aren't confident to read and study the Word on their own, and Scripture rarely comes alive in their hearts because, sadly, most of what they've learned about the Bible has come second-hand.

In the Living Bible series, we are going to dig into the Word and learn how to read it, study it, and apply it to our lives. You will gain practical and valuable tools to make the Word leap off the page and fill your life with the joy of discovering its living truth for yourself. Years ago, I noticed Lehman Strauss had a Bible with these words imprinted on the cover: God's Word for Lehman Strauss. As we look at this book that is so much more than black ink on white paper, we will discover God has a word for us. Bring your Bible, a pen or pencil, and a highlighter, and we'll provide practical note sheets for you. His Spirit will guide us into truth. Join the journey!

For individual meassages from this series, click here.

Michael Catt

Michael has served as Senior Pastor of Sherwood Baptist Church since 1989. The church has 3,000 members and has averaged one hundred baptisms each year. Thousands have joined the church from Albany and 29 surrounding communities. The church has changed from a neighborhood church to a regional, multi-ethnic congregation with members from eleven nations. Sherwood has three campuses covering 130-plus acres—the main church campus, the lower school campus and the upper school campus. The 82-acre sports complex, Legacy Park, is currently being developed with tennis courts, soccer fields, baseball fields, equestrian center, fishing pond, pavilion and other facilities to reach the community through sports and recreation. “Path to Truth,” the weekly broadcast of Sherwood’s services, is seen in over ninety markets around the country and is also available on the web and via podcast at

Michael’s life verse: “For we do not preach ourselves but Christ Jesus as Lord, and ourselves as your bond-servants for Jesus’ sake.” (2 Corinthians 4:5) Michael’s vision statement: “Whoever wants the next generation the most will get them.”

Michael holds degrees from Mississippi College, Luther Rice Bible College and Seminary and Trinity Seminary. He was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Mobile in 2010.

Michael and his wife Terri have been married since 1974. They are the proud parents of two grown daughters, Erin and Hayley.

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