The Saving Life of Christ

By Major W. Ian Thomas

$11.99 Saving Life of Christ

Category: Paperback, Pastor's Recommended Book

The emphasis of this book is something that is urgently needed in this country today and indeed in every area where the message of the saving faith in Christ is made known. To so many people, the Lord is in danger of no more than a patron of our systematic theology instead of the Christ Who is our life. There is such a tendency to departmentalize Christian living and to regard our devotions as one department and then to live for the rest of our time almost as religious pagans.

This book strikes home at that attitude and presents to us the triumphant life of our risen Lord indwelling us by His Spirit as the one vital essential for Christian living.

 "This book is simply written and will be of much help to new converts and defeated Christians in starting them off to a victorious spiritual life." -- Bibliotheca Sacra

"Major Thomas points out how many dedicated people, ministers, Sunday school teachers, and the like, have come out of the old life but never gone on to the full, joyous life in Christ. He writes with fresh insight into many Bible passages, and challenges Christians to walk on and take the victory that is already won." -- Faith at Work

". . . a very inspiring and helpful book." -- Baptist Standard

"This is one of the most helpful treatments of a neglected subject which has come to this reviewer’s attention." --The Baptist Bulletin

". . . the author evidences keen insight into the definition and activity of the two natures of the believer and the path to victory. This path is explained with refreshing theological objectivity." --The Sunday School Times

"A deeply spiritual study of the doctrine of the indwelling Christ. . . . Complete surrender is our need that Christ may live through us. We found the book helpful and enriching." -- The Southern Baptist S.S. Board

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