Tried by Fire

By F.B. Meyer

$7.99 Tried by Fire

Category: Paperback, F.B. Meyer

This is an exposition of Peter's first epistle by an eminent Bible teacher of a bygone age. Meyer was a faithful pastor and popular speaker at various conventions. This is what he himself says about this book: THESE Expositions do not attempt to be critical or exhaustive; but the aim has been to deduce such spiritual exhortations and consola­tions from the glowing words of the Apostle as will most readily help Christian people in the varied circumstances of daily life. Delivered first as Expositions in the course of my stated ministry, they were afterwards published week by week in the pages of The Christian; and in response to very many requests are here pre­served in a permanent form. It has never been my plan in regular exposition to burden the minds of my hearers with all the different opinions of commentators on the varied points arising for discussion in almost every para­graph. It has been my habit rather to read everything within my reach, and then to state my own general conclusions as simply and clearly as possible. This method has been followed in the present case.

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