War Room Church Campaign Kit

By Alex Kendrick and Stephen Kendrick

$34.99 Campaign Kit

Category: War Room, Movies, Bible Study

Church Campaign Kit provides a comprehensive tool for churches seeking to plan and promote prayer efforts in their congregation and community. It comes complete with a step-by-step planning guide, supportive sermon outlines, a 5-week small-group study (with War Room Bible Study Book and supporting film clip DVD), evangelism outreach materials, and a DVD-ROM with promotional trailers, flyers, posters, and web ads, all designed to create an exciting campaign for your church. Also includes a guide to help churches launch a prayer ministry.


  • War Room Bible Study Leader Kit
  • Step-by-step planning guide
  • Sermon Outlines
  • 5-week small group study
  • DVD-ROM includes sermon outlines, flyers, digital marketing materials, posters and more


  • Create awareness of and re-introduce your church to the power of prayer
  • Create opportunities for outreach among community
  • Encourage participation in War Room among church members

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