Willing To Risk It All: For His Name's Sake

By Eric Reese

$14.99 Willing To Risk It All

Category: Paperback

When All You Have to Arm Yourself is Faith - That's When You See God

Encircled by dedicated killers in a dark lair, your heart palpitating, you must speak, to stop a war. A few unsteady words of your own, and then you feel it-calming invisible water pouring over you. Your heart slows, and then you hear it-your voice, but someone else's words. If you have ever wondered how genuine God is, you will find your answer here, in this true account.

  • Discover how God uses faith as a vehicle for overcoming fear.
  • Witness how the power of prayer can release us from the paralysis of this world.
  • Learn the secret behind why we say "Trust God" in uncertain situations.
  • See for yourself the astonishing reality of God's hand at work in the dangerous slums of Rio de Janeiro.

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