Legacy Futbol Club

From mid-August to mid-November, we will provide high-level training (2 times per week) for players who are seeking to grow in soccer skills and development.  This training will be led by qualified coaches who have played and/or coached at the collegiate level, are nationally licensed, or have coached at a competitive club or varsity-level high school programs.  We will aim to provide a few “playdate” opportunities against other club teams in our region, as well as the chance for higher-level players to have guest playing opportunities with local clubs. We will also seek to identify ID camps in our surrounding areas and make that information available to the families in our program who may be interested in attending these events. Finally, we will provide a service opportunity for all players, to encourage them to make their futbol passion something that is bigger than themselves.

Legacy Park in Albany, GA. Playdate locations are TBA.

Age Groups:
Boys 11-13 / Girls 11-13 / Boys 14-16 / Girls 14-16

$200 will cover all of the training expenses involved in the program.  Each player will also be provided with two training jerseys that will be used for practices and playdates. Any costs that occur as we travel to potential playdates are not included in this number and are the responsibility of each individual family. (No playdates will be located farther than a few hours away. No overnight stays will be necessary.)

Legacy FC PhotoMission

Sherwood Sports and Legacy F.C. exist to integrate healthy competition and authentic faith, motivated by a passion for Christ and compassion for the whole family.

Legacy FC PhotoVision

Sherwood Sports seeks to influence and integrate sports culture and faith in Christ through the following ways:

  • A coach, player, and family discipleship model revolving around the truth of the Gospel, designed to reach and invest in every family member
  • A limited travel experience and low cost per player, to be accessible to all families in our local region
  • A service project in our community each season
  • Recruiting, training, and investing in high-level coaches and creating a competitive club-style environment that provides opportunities for rigorous practice and play

Legacy FC PhotoPhilosophy 

Sport Legacy 
  • We want to be considered as a part of the club sports environment in order to compete against high-caliber teams and stretch our athletes’ abilities to the next level.
  • We will make it our goal to provide our athletes with guest playing and ID camp opportunities in order to gain exposure in front of college coaches.
  • We will hire high-quality, experienced coaches and continue to invest in them, because we are committed to providing players with top-level knowledge and coaching.
Life Legacy 
  • We are committed to a limited travel experience because we recognize and affirm the value of the family unit, and we will respect the family time of our players and coaches, especially on Sundays and Wednesdays.
  • We believe that parents are an integral part of the development process for mind, body, and soul.
  • We value developing our coaches, players, and families on and off the field.
Truth Legacy 
  • Our program revolves around the simplicity and centricity of the Gospel.
  • We look at evangelism and discipleship as a process.  We celebrate each step of development.
  • We desire to develop relationships with players and coaches at all levels in our surrounding areas in order to impact the community as a whole.

Legacy FC PhotoTryouts 

Make-up tryout on August 15th

Ages 11-13 @ 6:00-7:15 PM 
Ages 14-16 @ 7:15-8:00 PM

Legacy Park | 2412 Lily Pond Rd. | Albany, GA 31721

Players should wear athletic attire, shin guards, and soccer cleats, and should bring a water bottle.
Official registration information will be available following tryouts to those who are accepted into the program.

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infectious disease policy

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