Paul Gotthardt | 07/10/2022
Series: The Sacraments
Scripture: Luke 22:14



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The Sacraments

The word sacrament comes from a Latin root meaning sacred or holy. These two ordinances have been given to the church by Jesus as gifts of His grace. The sacraments are not rituals we do in order to earn salvation, but rather they are a means by which we reflect Christ’s redemption for sinners. Baptism and Communion are visible signs of an inner work of God by the power of His Spirit. They are linked to a reality far beyond water, bread, and wine. But what do they mean, why did Jesus give them to the church, what is their significance, and how and when do we participate in them?Join us for an important two-part series on the sacraments where we will answer these questions as we lay a foundation for these vital practices of the church.

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Luke 22:14
Play Video | Play Audio 07/10/22 Paul Gotthardt