Forgiving Prayer

Paul Gotthardt | 06/12/2022
Series: Jesus on Prayer
Scripture: Mark 11:25



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Jesus on Prayer

What would Jesus do? How would Jesus respond? Where would Jesus focus His efforts, invest His time, draw the line, or take a different path? We live in a world of complex situations where many people have a platform and offer opinions, but fewer people have a filter and understand wisdom. In a world flooded with opinions, theories, and suggestions, is it possible to clearly see the way of Christ? 

In this series, we will examine Jesus’ perspective on a variety of topics. We’ll walk with our Rabbi through some of His pivotal teachings that impact key parts of life. We’ll learn what faithfulness looks like as we explore the teachings Jesus shared, the character He showed, and the example He set. As we fix our eyes on Jesus, the truths of Scripture and the path of wisdom will come into sharper focus. Join us for Jesus On Prayer.

Title Media Date Speaker
Secret Prayer
Matthew 6:5-6
Play Video | Play Audio 06/26/22 Paul Gotthardt
Authoritative Prayer
John 14:12
Play Video | Play Audio 06/19/22 Paul Gotthardt
Forgiving Prayer
Mark 11:25
Play Video | Play Audio 06/12/22 Paul Gotthardt
Believing Prayer
Matthew 11:15
Play Video | Play Audio 06/05/22 Paul Gotthardt
Persistent Prayer
Luke 11:5-13
Play Video | Play Audio 05/29/22 Paul Gotthardt
Model Prayer
Matthew 6:9
Play Video | Play Audio 05/22/22 Paul Gotthardt
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