Grab Hold of God For Our City

Michael Catt | 02/11/2019
Series: Prayers of the Heart
Scripture: Genesis 18



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Prayers of the Heart

Prayers of the Heart

This series will focus on three men who boldly and desperately went before the throne of Gd asking for specific answers. Abraham asked for a city. Joshua asked for wisdom. Hezekiah asked for his health. God answered each of these prayers, though not all of them in the way these men desired or expected. If we are serious about being prayer warriors and intercessors, we must learn from the examples in Scripture of those who desperately cried out to God and then apply their praying to our own lives.

Title Media Date Speaker
Praying for a Miracle
2 Kings 20
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The Proper Prayer Posture
Joshua 5:13
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Grab Hold of God For Our City
Genesis 18
Play Video | Play Audio 02/11/19 Michael Catt