Hope and Joy

Paul Gotthardt | 12/26/2021
Series: Wonder: Treasuring the Truths of Christmas
Scripture: Isaiah 9:17



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Wonder: Treasuring the Truths of Christmas

When you consider the birth and life of Jesus Christ, are you filled with great wonder? Or, has the wonder of Christmas been overshadowed by the busyness and stress of social gatherings, holiday festivities, and traditions?

When Scripture describes the people's response to the birth of Jesus, it uses words like great joy, rejoicing, worship, giving, and even fear. Scripture tells us that Mary treasured these things, pondering them in her heart.

How do we get back to that place? How do we put the wonder back into our hearts, slow down, and really reflect on what God did for us when He sent His Son to become a man?

Watch these sermons to rediscover the wonder of Christmas.

Title Media Date Speaker
Hope and Joy
Isaiah 9:17
Play Video | Play Audio 12/26/21 Paul Gotthardt
Love - Paul Gotthardt
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Luke 2:10
Play Video | Play Audio 12/12/21 Paul Gotthardt
Luke 2:12
Play Video | Play Audio 12/05/21 Paul Gotthardt
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