As We Share His Story

Paul Gotthardt | 10/22/2023
Series: It's Only God: Living in the Activity of God
Scripture: Psalms 66:16



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It's Only God: Living in the Activity of God

For more than six decades, Sherwood has been blessed to experience a tangible, active movement of God's Spirit. As members have sought God's presence, prayed for God's favor, and stepped out according to God's leading, God has been faithful. The story of Sherwood is a story that only God could have written. And that is such a powerful testimony!

When the story we tell can only be explained by the presence of God, all the glory goes to Him. But today, we have an important question to consider:What will the story look like in the future? Scripture shows that God's activity in the past does not guarantee God's favor in the future.

How do we continue to live in the favor and activity of God? Is there a posture we should take when stewarding God's presence? Are there biblical principles we must maintain to continue walking in God's favor? The decisions we make today impact the story of tomorrow.
Join us as we examine these questions further. When asked to explain what's happening in our lives or in this church, may our honest reply be, "It's Only God!"

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As We Share His Story
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