Wednesday (Part 1)

Paul Gotthardt | 02/18/2024
Series: The Week That Changed The World
Scripture: Varies



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The Week That Changed The World

G.K. Chesterton said, “The only two things that can satisfy the soul are a person and a story; and even the story must be about a person.” The Week That Changed the World is a series of messages that trace Jesus’ final week before the cross and how His sacrifice secured our freedom. Through the collaborative testimony of the four Gospel writers, we will experience the culture, the sights, the events, and the stories that happened on each day of the Passion Week. In addition to learning the events of each day, believers will also see the redemptive story of God that moves from creation to the cross. Join us as we study the greatest story ever told about the greatest Person who ever lived.

Title Media Date Speaker
Wednesday (Part 1)
Play Video | Play Audio 02/18/24 Paul Gotthardt
Play Video | Play Audio 02/12/24 Paul Gotthardt
Palm Sunday + Monday
Play Video | Play Audio 02/04/24 Paul Gotthardt
And The Story Begins…
Play Video | Play Audio 01/28/24 Paul Gotthardt
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