Sermon Notes 2016 02 21 AM

February 21, 2016 AM
Rev. Stephen Dervan
#6 in series

The Lord's Prayer (Part 1)
Matthew 6:5-10

Two types of prayer to avoid:

1) __ prayer
To be seen and heard for one's own glory (Luke 18:11)

2) __ prayer
Empty and meaningless (1 Kings 18:25-29)

Jesus encourages persistent prayer. The difference is the heart behind it.

"There is a great difference between much speaking in prayer and much praying." – St. Augustine

"Our Father in heaven"
Recognizes His __ and __

"hallowed be Your Name"
To honor __ is to __

Jehovah Nissi

El Elyon
Jehovah Sabaoth

"Your kingdom come, Your will be done"
Calling for and submitting to God's __ and __

"on earth as it is in heaven"
Not a resignation to fate but trusting through prayer that God's __ will be accomplished.