Sermon Notes 2019 02 10 AM

February 10, 2019 AM
Dr. Michael Catt - 1879
#1 in series

Grab Hold of God for our City
Genesis 18:23-33


This series will focus on three men who boldly and desperately went before the throne of God asking for specific answers. Today we’ll study Abraham’s cry for a city. God answered each of these prayers, though not all of them in the way these men desired or expected. If we are serious about being prayer warriors and intercessors, we must learn from these examples in Scripture and apply their praying to our own lives.

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In 2009, I wrote a book on prayer called "The Power of Persistence." Persistence is harder than we want to admit. The longer a situation drags on, the more weary, frustrated, disillusioned, and fatigued we become.

The church is to be in the world but not of it, Jesus left us here for a distinct purpose.

“I do not ask You to take them out of the world, but to keep them from the evil one.” – John 17:15

Here’s what won’t work. Most of the attempts to fix our city, our region, and our culture are just a band aid on an artery that is hemorrhaging. Whining, griping, pointing fingers, complaining, or giving us a new and improved Squawkbox will not fix the problem. The problem is that the church has been silent at the core. We’ve worried about politics, but haven’t persisted in prayer. We point fingers at people we disagree with and whine and complain, but there are no tears for the spiritual condition of our region.


“God has given us prayer, not primarily as a method of getting things or changing circumstances, but as our means of jointly cooperating with Him in His great plan for the redemption of the lost.” – Tom Elliff

“Prayer is set forth as the primary human factor in the accomplishment of God’s program on earth.” – Curtis Mitchell


“The Lord confides in those who fear Him.” – Psalm 25:14
GOD TOLD ABRAHAM HE WAS GOING TO DESTROY THE CITY. Abraham prayed for a city he didn’t live in, but he had family there. He didn’t pray it would be better for him. He prayed the city that deserved judgment would be spared judgment.


Abraham had enough faith to believe things for himself (a land, an heir), but he learned to believe God for something outside of himself.

God's Prayer List for Cities and Nations:

We are in a spiritual battle for the heart and soul of our city, whether you live in the city, county, or surrounding counties – wherever you live.

A word about spiritual warfare...