Sermon Notes 2019 03 03 PM

March 03, 2019 PM
Dr. Michael Catt - 1884
#3 in series

A Glimpse Behind the Veil - Part 2
John 17:1-5


This series gives us a glimpse into the prayer life of Jesus. At His lowest point, facing His trial and the cross, Jesus soars into the heavenlies and prays for His disciples and, yes, even for us. This message is a continuation of our last glimpse behind the veil as we started to examine what Jesus prayed regarding His glory and the glory of the Father. If you want to know what God the Son is doing right now, you need to engage in this study. The Lord is praying for us, and what He prayed over 2,000 years ago still applies today.

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“For what Jesus here asks, Jesus obtains. Yes...this prayer was answered, is being answered still, and will continue to be answered, until the last vessel of mercy is gathered home to glory.” – Charles Ross

1) God the Father gave the Son __.

2) God the Father gave the Son __.

3) God the Father gave the Son __.


G. Campbell Morgan said John gave his readers all they needed to have life:

“Self-knowledge is so critically important to us in our pursuit of God and His righteousness that we lie under heavy obligation to do immediately whatever is necessary to remove the disguise and permit our real selves to be known.” – A. W. Tozer

In a sermon Warren Wiersbe preached on February 16, 1982, he made these points: