Sermon Notes 2019 07 07 PM

July 07, 2019 PM
Dr. Michael Catt – 1904
#3 in series

Christ in the Psalms
Having the Right Focus
Psalm 73

The book of Psalms is the most frequently read book in the Old Testament. Along with Proverbs, these books are important because they give us glimpses into the inner lives of David and others. However, if you dig deeper, you'll gain insight into how to live as an overcomer regardless of your circumstances. In the last message, we looked at the most beloved and familiar of the psalms – Psalm 23. We talked about what it truly means for Jesus to be our Shepherd, not only in dark days, but all the days of our life.

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In Jess Moody’s book, A Drink at Joel’s Place, he writes:
“The church has been concerned because the world isn’t impressed with us and will not sit up and take notice. The world won’t sit up and take notice because we haven’t sat up and taken notice of that which makes the world sit up and take notice. The church needs to be informed that the world isn’t obligated to pay attention to us. I am convinced they will when we deserve to be heard. We must merit an audience. We are a church. The name ‘church’ implies God. God means miracle. If we say we are a church and we cannot come up with a miracle, they think we are phony.”

Here’s the problem:

Here’s his question: 

I. THE TEST OF FAITH (vv. 1-16)