Sermon Notes 2019 07 28 AM

July 28, 2019 AM

Dr. Michael Catt - 1909

#4 in series

Battle for the Mind

Dying to Sin
Romans 6:1-14

As you read the New Testament, it is clear there is a battle for the mind. The enemy wants to fill our minds with half-truths, deception, and temptation. We are told in the Bible to renew our minds, but that doesn't happen without personal discipline. We can't win the battle over the world, the flesh, and the devil with our minds in neutral. There is practical instruction available in the Word of God for living a life full of truth, victory, and power. In the last message, we talked about the importance of having a security system to guard our minds. We learned how to recognize the threats against our minds and evaluate the threats in light of truth. We also walked through Philippians 4:8, using its descriptors as a filter for what we allow in our minds.

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The first five chapters of Romans give us insight into Paul’s purpose for writing. In Romans 1:18-3:20, we see man’s universal need for a righteousness he can’t obtain on his own. It is provided for us by faith in Christ. In chapter four, Paul uses Abraham as an illustration of righteousness by faith. In chapter five, we see Paul's recounting of how God justifies us in Christ. The justification of chapter five is basic to and underlines the sanctification of chapter six. It’s all a picture of the gospel.



Three truths to embrace:
1) We have been __.
2) We have been __.
3) We must __.


“The old man (self) refers to the old spiritual nature. The body of sin refers to the physical body. Sin originates in the old man – the Adamic nature – and operates in the body of sin. Now, since the old man has been crucified with Christ and the old body of sin done away with, we are freed from the principle of sin.” – George Lockaby

By His death, we share in His life. We have so much for which we can praise God. We have so many reasons to stand in victory.