Sermon Notes 2019 09 08 PM

September 08, 2019 PM

Concert of Prayer
Can We Pray for Revival?
Micah 7; Hosea 14

There are at least five characteristics of a church or nation that is ripe for revival:
1) An awesome sense of the presence of God
2) An overwhelming awareness of the seriousness of sin
3) An increasing longing for the knowledge of God
4) An unusual evidence of transformed lives
5) A significant passion for the salvation of the lost

“A sovereign work of God's Holy Spirit that produces an unusual awakening of spiritual life among God's people, resulting in an awesome awareness of God, a sincere repentance of sin,
a deep longing for God and holiness, and an effective passion to reach the unsaved.” – Brian Edwards

Hosea's ministry began in the early days of Isaiah. After the death of Solomon, civil war divided Israel into northern and southern kingdoms which faced 200 years of war and alienation. These words were addressed to Israel, the northern kingdom, as Hosea was pleading for them to repent and return to God.

God had been speaking through Hosea to Israel:
- Look at your sin (10:13)
- Look at your history (11:1-4)
- Look at your future (11:5, 6)
- Look at your empty religion (11:7)
- Look at my love for you (11:8)
- Look at the result of repenting or offending (13:1)
- Look at your so-called security (13:9-11)

Look at what God offers in verses 4-7: