Sermon Notes 2019 11 10 AM

November 10, 2019 AM

Dr. Michael Catt - 1930

#5 in series

Speaking in Parables

Luke 12:13-21

When I was in college, a professor told me that a parable is a “heavenly truth wrapped in earthly language.” The word parable refers to a Greek word which means a symbol, type, figure, or illustration. These stories from the lips of our Savior were a mystery to many, but the Lord had a purpose for speaking in parables. Parables have been depicted in art and stained glass, and their truths have been communicated for thousands of years across all cultures because they are easy to identify with. Last week we talked about the parable of the Good Samaritan and learned what it means to be a good neighbor.

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Jesus responds to this person in three ways:

1) He warned His disciples about the __. (12:15)

2) He gave them a parable of the __. (12:16-21)

3) He encouraged them not to __. (12:22-34)


Jesus is not teaching socialism, dividing up the wealth equally. We hear a lot about the top 2%, but the reality is even if you are lower middle class, the world would view you as wealthy.

There are three different Greek words for “greed”:>

Jesus always focused on life and death issues. The cross is a life and death issue. He dealt with life in view of eternity.


The farmer in the parable had a great crop, so he never thought anything bad would happen.

Warning words for the wise: (If I don't want to be considered a fool by the Lord, I need to heed His warnings.)