Sermon Notes 2020 06 14 AM

June 14, 2020 AM

Dr. Michael Catt - 1970
#6 in series

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SERVANT KING: Don’t Miss Your Miracle
Mark 5

“We often hear it said that the day of miracles is past. But every true Christian is a miracle, born again by the Holy Spirit. . . . The Christian life is a miracle.” – Vance Havner

I. THE DEMONIAC (vv. 1-20)

“Evil has a face. Evil is not merely a concept or something generally opposite of ‘good.’ All evil can be traced back to a single agent: Satan.” – Chuck Swindoll

Instead of focusing on the demoniac, I want to focus on several aspects of Jesus revealed in this passage:

• Jesus meets us __.

• Jesus has __.

• Jesus has compassion on __.

• Jesus doesn’t leave us __.

• Jesus demands __.

• Jesus uses __.



In Matthew 9:18 he is called a “ruler” – one of seven community leaders in the average town. The synagogue ruler (usually one of the seven) was one of the three administrators of the synagogue. He was usually wealthy, in charge of the buildings and the order of worship. For a man like Jairus to come to Jesus was monumental.

What can we learn from this account?

1) The man __ to go to Jesus.

2) At our lowest point, __.

3) The work of God __.

4) Jesus always __.

“Faith does two things: It opens the door to the power of God, and it shows persistence in overcoming any obstacles.” – David Garland