Sermon Notes 2020 06 14 PM

June 14, 2020 PM

Garrett Grubbs
#4 in series

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APPROACHABLE: Do You Want to Be Healed?
John 5

Our spiritual condition apart from the Lord’s healing work (John 5:1–5):

• We are __ to truth.

• We are __ and wrecked with sin.

• We are __ to fix our condition.

Four reasons this is a legitimate question and four ways to pray (John 5:5, 6):

1) We find community with __ and get comfortable with our brokenness. (v. 3)

Pray their eyes would be opened to __ and we as believers would be faithful with the gospel. (Matthew 9:36-38)

2) We can be in that broken condition so long that we think __. (vv. 5, 6)

Pray they would know that God has the ability to give them __. (1 Corinthians 6:9-11)

3) We __ for our staying in our broken condition or we look to the wrong solution. (v. 7)

Pray they would stop looking to others and __ as the solution to their need.

4) We receive some kind of __ from our brokenness, and we choose it over the restoration God offers. (Mark 10:21-22)

Pray they would come to their senses and know that __. (Luke 15:17, 18)

When we receive His healing…

1) Expect __. (John 5:7–12)

2) Give __ and praise. (John 5:13)

3) Remain __. (John 5:14; Galatians 5:1)