Sermon Notes 2020 08 02 AM

August 02, 2020 AM
Dr. Michael Catt
#1978 (#12 in series)

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SERVANT KING: From the Mountain to the Valley (Part 2)
Mark 9:14-50

I. THE FAILURE IN THE VALLEY (9:16-16, 28-50)

How had they failed?

Is it possible to have power for the valley?

“This is one of the most abused verses in the Bible today. People have ripped it from its context and made it the rationale for saying that their wishes will come true if they can just mount enough faith! There are some who even teach that faith can control God, that if you believe enough, God has to do it! That is manmade, man-centered religion. The fact is, faith must never go farther than God’s clear promises, for whatever goes beyond God’s Word is not faith, but something else assuming its appearance.”
– Preaching the Word: Mark, Volume II