Sermon Notes 2020 09 06 PM

September 06, 2020 PM
Dr. Michael Catt
#1985 (#2 in series)

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RELENTLESS: The Test of Character
Daniel 1:2-7

“In times like these, it helps to recall that there have always been times like these.” – Paul Harvey

“The change of name involved the idea that the god of those who bestowed the new name was to be honored rather than the god of the vanquished." – Leupold

In Gaebelein’s commentary, he suggests the significance of all this:
• Daniel (God is my judge) to Belteshazzar (Bel's prince)
• Hananiah (beloved of the Lord) to Shadrach illumined by the sun god)
• Mishael (who is as God) to Meshach (who is like Venus)
• Azariah (no meaning given) to Abednego (the servant of Nego)

"Albania has joined the list of countries taking away one of the most personal and private possessions of its citizens: their names. After all, someone named Abraham or Ruth or Mark might someday wonder where his name came from! That could lead to a time-consuming search for a Bible or other religious literature. In the process, the unfortunately named Albanian might absorb some of the teachings of the outlawed book. That result, in the view of the government, would be very bad." – Christianity Today, March 26, 1976

Every day we make multiple choices. . . . Some choices are practical, some are emotional, some are social. But the ones that make all the difference in life are our moral and spiritual choices. These choices, in a very real way, determine our character and our success as human beings.” – Anne Graham Lotz

“A paradigm is a shared set of assumptions and regulations (written or unwritten).
It is a model of how things are done. It helps us explain our world and predict its behavior.”