Sermon Notes 2020 10 18 AM

October 18, 2020 AM
Dr. Michael Catt
#1990 (#18 in series)

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SERVANT KING: The Parable of the Vineyard
Mark 12:1-12

Jesus has shown His authority throughout Mark 11:
• He entered Jerusalem as a __.
• He cleansed the temple as a __.
• He cursed the fig tree as a __.

Here’s what we need to remember before we dive into Mark 12:
1) We are personally accountable.
2) Our choices reveal a practical awareness or a personal indifference.


“Jesus is here both giving a commentary on current history and making a prediction. He is the owner’s Son, Israel is the vineyard, and God is the landlord (Isaiah 5:1-7). When the rebellious leaders of Israel have killed Him, they will bring down the judgement of God upon themselves, as they did 40 years later when the Romans destroyed Jerusalem and put an end to Jewish hopes of regaining their freedom. But neither Jews nor Romans could destroy Jesus. The building block that the construction crew refused to use becomes, to their utter amazement, the keystone of the arch that holds the edifice in place.” – Ralph Martin

Let me use the next verses and ask that we put ourselves in the shoes of these religious people asking Jesus questions. I believe you’ll find that they are us – and we are them.
1) They came with __but lacked __. (v. 14)
2) The Sadducees who didn’t __ fabricated this crazy story about the resurrection.
3) The seeker in vv. 28-34 wanted to __.