Sermon Notes 2021 06 20 AM

June 20, 2021 AM
Dr. Paul Gotthardt

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John 17:3

Key Truth: Eternal life is to __ God.

Understanding the essence of eternal life changes everything:

  • It changes the way I read my __.
  • It changes the way I __ Christianity.
  • It changes how I see the __.
  • It changes the way I understand my __ and purpose.


Everything God __ to do in and through your life, He will __ out of the __ of your relationship with Him.


A very simple approach to the Christian life:

  • The goal in life is to __ God.
  • The daily goal is to spend __with God.


The first principle directs your __; the second principle directs your __.


The first principle reminds you of your created __; the second principle enables you to __ into that purpose.