Sermon Notes 2021 08 15 AM

August 15, 2021 AM
Paul Gotthardt
(#4 in series)

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The Competition of Relationship

Philippians 3:7-11


Week 1: What are we trying to achieve in the relationship? We found that the goal of the relationship is to know Christ.


Week 2: Why are we in the relationship at all?
We found that our motivation when entering relationship may unintentionally determine the extent of that relationship.


Week 3: What defines our relationship with God?
We discovered that our relationship with God is defined by love and made possible ONLY by the righteousness of Christ.


Week 4: What competes or interferes with our relationship?


We’re working through the question with two progressive truths.


Key Truth #1: Competition is anything that ___ with or takes precedence over our relationship with God.

  • As believers, we can’t __ everyone and everything if our relationship with God is __ and suffering.
  • We __ as much about God today as we __ to know.

Key Truth #2: We must __ our relationship with God and value Him above everything else.


  • The decision to pursue Jesus is a decision __ to pursue something else.