Sermon Notes 2021 08 29 AM

August 29, 2021 AM
Paul Gotthardt
(#1 in series)

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Engage the Mission

Mark 16:15; Matthew 28:19-20


Four observations from the texts:

1)  The gospel is the __ of Christ’s teachings.

2)  The gospel is for __.

3)  The gospel is to be taught for __, not just information.

4)  The gospel should not __ with you.


Every Christian is called to be a disciple, and every church is called to make disciples. The two critical questions become:

1)  What is a disciple?

2)  How do you make disciples?


Where do we start?

• We start __ and work out.


What’s hindering us from fully engaging in the Great Commission?

We’re afraid of what others might __ if we share the gospel.

We’re afraid of God’s ultimate __.

We’re afraid of how church will __ if the focus really becomes making disciples.

We’re afraid of __ something wrong when sharing the gospel.

We’re afraid of the __ of getting to the ends of the earth.


For those willing to engage the mission of God, here are 3 easy action steps.

1)  __ for ways to entrust the gospel.

2)  Entrust the gospel to your __.

3)  __ people to church, to your small group, or to some other event that brings them in contact with other believers.